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The industry of sports betting is governed by a number of laws, and we are here to explain them in order to provide our players with a full list of information. Internet sports betting has its won additional set of rules and laws which has helped to complicate the whole affair of gaming. Should you decide you want to bet on sports, you will want to know about the laws regarding sports gambling and online gambling a like in order to protect yourself from getting charged with any crimes.

Federal laws and state laws alike need to be learned prior to gambling online. The violation of these laws can get you into a wealth of trouble, and we do not condone violating the law. If you want to participate, you will definitely want to make sure you are not breaking any specific laws. Remember that online gambling is not frequently covered on any specific basis, so you will generally be able to avoid trouble. When it comes to playing it safe under the law, just remember that you will want to make sure your state has not specifically banned online gambling. Just know that there are only a few states where it is illegal to gamble online, and there is no federal law making it a crime for you to play the odds on the Internet.

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The Wire Act of 1961, Online Gambling & You

October 20th, 2011

Many sports gamblers were surprised when news broke that the Wire Act had been found to apply to online sports gambling. A federal court had found that the nature of the Internet was found to be “wire communications” as found in the text of bill. Unfortunately, these U.S. gambling laws cast some negative implications on the online gambling industry.

Though the Wire Act has been found to apply to online gambling, there is one thing that is somewhat certain. Players who are looking to gamble online will not have to deal with the Wire Act. The law was initially designed in order to prevent organized criminals from offering sports wagering, not actually stop players from participating. The Wire Act is not something players have to worry about for one reason, and that is the text says that the accused has to be “in the business of betting or wagering.” As a player, you are not actually in the business of anything related to gambling. Continue Reading »